Ticket created via email Trigger Action

  1. Create a New Trigger
  1. Add Trigger information
  • Trigger Name : Forwarded Gmail emails
  • Tigger Description : Optional
  • Scope : The workspace the trigger will be activated in
  • Trigger Action : Select an action from the drop down list to use them as the action triggers (Ticket created, ticket updated, activity created, stage changed, comment added)

Under the Trigger Action, select Ticket created via email

This means that when an email is sent from an external or internal source…

Under Trigger Reaction, select Update ticket

Four different fields can be updated: Subject, Description, Resolution and Request type

Example: Request type

Once a ticket has been created via email, the ticket will be updated and categorized under the Request Type of your choice automatically

In this case, the Request type chosen is Business

This ticket will be categorized under Business tickets

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