Expanded Form Builder – Paragraph Field

We’ve expanded the capabilities of our Form Builder by introducing a paragraph field. Unlike the note field, which is editable by end-users, this new addition is exclusively at the disposal of system administrators when creating forms, ensuring that it remains non-editable by end-users throughout the ticket creation and processing stages.

This feature provides a structured space for administrators to add essential details, such as agreement points, or specific instructions. The non-editable nature of the field guarantees the preservation of critical information.

You now have the capability to incorporate the Paragraph Field from the Form Builder as shown below:

The new paragraph field is now viewable by end-users at specific stages, which can be controlled by administrators through the Field Level Permission settings as shown below:

When you add this field and enable it during the creation phase in Field Level Permission, the form will appear as shown in the image below for end-users:

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