Release Notes

2/05/2022 – Helpdesk

  • Communicating with External users
  • Comment added with Triggers
  • Update ticket request type with Triggers
  • Ticket Created via Email with Trigger action
  • General Bug Fixes

22/04/2022 – Helpdesk

  • Knowledge base
  • Date Format
  • Select who can view activities & activities permissions
  • Save tickets filter during the session
  • Update Default selected statuses in tickets view (every user can set his default statuses to be viewed)
  • General Bug Fixes

8/07/2021 – Helpdesk 

  • Renamed Types and Sub-Types 
  • Field level permissions 
  • Dynamic Workflow 
  • Triggers 
  • Action Items 
  • Custom Notifications 

– Add HTML code view to Notifications 

  • Re-ordering Workspaces 
  • Replacing the 2013 workflows with Power Automate 
  • Customize the Workflow and Forms per Category and Sub-Category 
  • Changes to Posts and Notes (from Miscellaneous Settings) 

4th Generation 

8/03/2021- Helpdesk 

  •  Add group as member (private workspace) 

26/02/2021- Helpdesk 

  • Support default assignee per workspace. 
  • Add hint for automatic routing, so the reporter will know the assignee before submitting the ticket. 
  • More documentation for the features. 
  • Enhance GUI. 

18/02/2021- Helpdesk 

  • New design for tables and filters. 
  • Change day light difference hours for some counties. 
  • Support default watchers per request type. 
  • Resource pool can view the tickets assigned to that group after someone get them by clicking on my team tickets. 
  • Once posting an update, send a notification to all ticket stakeholders (owner, reporter, assignee, watchers). 
  • Add link field type to the form builder. 
  • Control who can see reports. 
  • Change ticket priority in open stage. 
  • Mark new created tickets for one day. 
  • The link of approval activity now goes to the approval form directly. 
  • Change “Reply all” to “Add Public note” 
  • Bug fixes (SLA Escalation, …) 

22/01/2021- Helpdesk 

  • Performance and security updates 

31/12/2020- Helpdesk 

  • Integration with Microsoft Teams 

9/12/2020- Helpdesk 

  • Views/Filters module 

22/11/2020- Helpdesk 

  • Form Builder module 

3rd Generation 

8/5/2020- Helpdesk 

  • Group tickets into a separate workspaces/projects/functions/departments/product, etc. 
  • Tag someone in the comments. 
  • Watchers, can follow a ticket to be informed about related changes. 
  • Private notes, you can add internal notes. 
  • New ticket view 

17/03/2020- Helpdesk 

  • Canned responses: create templates for your responses. 
  • Ticket custom IT: configure ticket custom ID and form it from Sequence, Area, Current date and time, and any prefixes and postfixes. 
  • Area Admin: specify an admin per Project/Problem/Product to be able handing related tickets. 
  • Calendar: Show technicians’ tickets and activities in calendar view. 

20/09/2019- Helpdesk 

  • 14 supported UI Languages (English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and last but not least, Danish) 
  • General Bug Fixes 

22/08/2019- Helpdesk 

  • Email communication 
  • The UI of the history tab has been revamped 
  • General bug fixes 
  • Editable Email Templates 
  • Introducing the Lookup Row 
  • Actual Work: Actual work allows you to add the time spent working on every task in the ticket, including any re-assignment which means multiple people adding different working hours, all of which is eventually tallied and can be viewed in reporting. This lets you view how much work was put in for the tickets of every customer. 
  • General Bug Fixes 

18/06/2019 – Helpdesk 

  • Activities 
  • Approval Templates 
  • Canceling Tickets 
  • Reassign Tickets by Manager 
  • Reopened Tickets: Track and Report 
  • General Bug Fixes 

29/04/2019- Helpdesk 

  • Post screenshots straight into the ticket description 
  • Email notifications, completely revamped 
  • Optional Discussion Board 

11/04/2019- Helpdesk 

  • Discussion Board 
  • A brand-new General Settings Menu 
  • Manual Routing 
  • Tickets Auto-close 
  • Rich texts 

2nd Generation 

26/03/2019- Helpdesk 

  • A Brand-New Design 
  • Introducing “Site Manager” 

25/11/2018- Helpdesk 

  • SLA RAG board 
  • Live MTTR report 
  • Knowledge base 

24/10/2018- Helpdesk 

  • Service Requests 

17/09/2018- Helpdesk 

  • Ticket auto close 
  • Ticket template (You can configure a template for each ticket) 

30/07/2018- Helpdesk 

  • SharePoint & Office 365 Add-in 
  • Outlook Add-in Integration 

24/06/2018- Helpdesk 

Helpdesk is born! 

  • Routing (Direct assignment, Resource pool, and SPOC) 
  • Problem Catalog  
  • Escalations, Reminders, and SLA 
  • Tickets Re-open 
  • Open Skype call within ticket form 
  • Integrated with SteadyPoint Assets Tracking add-in 
  • Tasks delegation 
  • Export to Excel 
  • Open Ticket via Email 
  • Reporting 

1st Generation 

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