Streamline Your Workflow with Conditional Workflows: Ensuring Task Completion Before Ticket Progression

In previous blogs, we explored the world of activities generated by helpdesk system: Manual and Automatic, and how they can transform processes like employee onboarding or IT tasks. Now, let’s dive into the essential aspect of workflow configuration, specifically focusing on conditional workflows that safeguard against ticket progression until all activities are completed.

What is a Conditional Workflow?

A conditional workflow is a robust tool for setting rules that control how tickets progress in your helpdesk system. Its main purpose is to prevent a ticket from advancing to the next stage until all associated activities are done. This control mechanism ensures a seamless workflow, reducing the chance of tasks being overlooked.

How to Set Up a Conditional Workflow:

To establish a conditional workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Workflow Builder in your helpdesk system
  2. Select the relevant stage within your workflow
  3. Click on the “Outcomes” tab, where you can fine-tune the stage’s behavior

Enable the “Should complete all activities” option. This ensures that no progression to the next stage is allowed until all associated activities have been successfully completed.

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