Email notifications have been a staple of SteadyPoint Helpdesk. You have the ability to change the default contents of outgoing system emails, in addition to being able to turn off certain emails.

First off, which emails can you turn off?

In short, any email that is not a ticket task email. What that means is, you can turn off notification emails, but emails that include a task cannot be turned off. A more detailed list will be at the bottom of the post explaining which email can be turned off.

Changing the contents of the notification Email

Now you have the option to change the content of the notification emails that are build as a default in the system, and you can add completely new custom email templates.

Changing System Notifications

  1. To change what the body of each email includes, start by going to the Settings > Notifications > System Notifications
  1. Click on the Edit icon
  1. Fill in the fields, If the email can be turned off, the checkbox titled Active will be visible
  • Title: Preset in the system.
  • Email Subject: Input the Email subject; pick from list of preset items as placeholders.
  • Email Body: Edit the email body

Creating Custom Email Notifications

  1. To create a new custom notification email, go to Settings > Notifications > Custom Notifications
  1. Click on the New Notification
  1. Fill in the required fields, and click Save
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