Permissions required: Global admin, App admin.

It is very important to ensure that you have the full control on your data. As more and more businesses move to the Cloud, the misconception that the cloud isn’t safe is slowly going away. Business owners understand that Cloud companies like Microsoft have more resources dedicated to security. Don’t believe it? Here’s how Microsoft keeps Office 365 secure.

In all cases no data exchange between your Office 365 tenant and our servers, only GUI controls are hosted on our servers. But from now you can host all GUI controls on your office 365 tenant:

Select between getting latest updates Automatically, or Manually:

  • Automatic
    • GUI controls are hosted on our servers, any change in our controls will affect your app directly and faster to get updates seamlessly.
  • Manual
    • GUI controls are hosted on your office 365 tenant, so no requests will be automatically sent to SteadyPoint servers, and you can get latest updates by clicking on “Get latest updates” to get them from our servers.

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