Users have different permissions and roles when it comes to using the system. When you first install Helpdesk, the only account that will be available is the account used to install the system.

  1. Start by going to Settings > Security > Permissions.
  1. You will arrive at the Permissions page

5 Categorizations for the permissions and user roles:

1. Global Admin: The person in charge for installing and managing the overall system settings. Usually the IT manager. The Global Admin has full control over adding and removing users, can access/edit tickets, and grants permissions to other users.

2. Workplace Admin: Usually heads of departments or managers. The workplace admin has permissions to create and edit specific Workspaces, add/remove members, and edit ticket forms. Workplace Admins have access to system setting module.

3. Workspace Members: End users with limited access. Workspace members can create, view and re-assign tickets within a specific Workspace, that they are members of.

Workspace Admins and members can be added from the Workspace module as mentioned below:

  1. Go to the desired Workspace > > Members
  1. Add members to the Workspace and select role.

4. Who can view the reports? This options enables the Global Admin to select who from the users can view the system reports. If field is left blank, then all system users can view the reports.

5. Request Type Admins: Can re-assign tickets, view all tickets within the assigned request type.

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