Allows for the categorization of Requests under Workspace. Under each workspace you can assign an Admin/ Team/SLA to handle Request Types. Under the Request Types you can build the forms and design the workflows.

Create a new Request Type

1) Click on the drop down arrow

2) Select Add Request Type from the drop down menu ()

Add new Request Type information

  • Request Type: request type title/ name.
  • Default Watchers: During the ticket’s lifecycle, new stakeholders could become involved in the ticket resolution. These stakeholders can be added as watchers who will be updated on the ticket status and will be granted view/track the ticket status and add comments.
  • Request Type Admin: In the case that an employee took a leave of absence, long vacation or resigned, the Request Type Admin has the authority to reassign the ticket and update the ticket information.

The newly created Request Type will appear under the Workspace module.

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